Designing A Stylish Bedroom

Anderson WoodIf there's one room that makes you look forward to coming home, it should be a restful and well-designed bedroom. You begin and end your day there, so your bedroom must include all the home elements that make you feel comfortable. The warm, rich look of hardwood floors is the start of a room design that creates your personal retreat.

Wood floors, with myriad finishes and wood tones, significantly enhance the style options for a bedroom. Various wood grains have a subtle texture while floors with a country flavor may have an antique, distressed surface. Whatever style suits you, installing hardwood flooring is a choice with immediate beauty that's versatile enough to work with multiple decorating projects in the future.

The focal point: Whatever else is in your bedroom, the focus will always be on the bed - its style and color, choice of cover linens and where it's placed within the room. The headboard is the centerpiece regardless of your room layout, so that's an element that can lead the design. If it's wood, it can be matched to the wood floors. An antique iron headboard can set the tone for charming, cottage-style decor. If you don't have room for a traditional headboard, you can attach a board to the wall, pad it with foam for comfort and cover it with a fabric that can be coordinated with window treatments, the bed ensemble and other soft furnishings.

Personal touches: The wall above your bed or alongside it are places that shouldn't be left bare, according to Real Simple magazine. Unless you'd be blocking a nearby window, make use of the expanse of wall space that's usually around the bed to enhance the focus of the room and give yourself a chance to display artwork or collectibles that are meaningful to you.

A useful addition: At the foot of your bed, consider placing an elegant bench with soft cushions or a hope chest that's sturdy enough for seating while providing extra storage for seasonal clothes. This can be a great place to get dressed in the morning as well as a stylish addition to your bedroom furnishings.

While you're planning the room, HGTV recommended that you rethink whether you're maximizing the space that's available in your closet. Add shelves wherever there's an empty section around clothes hanging areas, or place a narrow set of drawers or vertical shoe rack to get items off the floor.


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