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Benefits of Carpet

Softness is key, so carpet has you covered! Bedrooms, family rooms, and areas where you will have your kids: these are all great places for carpet. Plus, thanks to recent advancements, carpet can be very durable if you take care of it!

We are a premier carpet dealer of Shaw, Mohawk, Bealieu, Karastan, and many others. We sell Shaw Caress Carpet, Anso, Tuftex, Stainmaster, ClearTouch, EverTouch, and St. Jude Carpet Cushion.

Installation of Carpet

Carpet Installation: After purchasing carpet, you need to move as many things in your room as possible to areas that won’t be affected. We can help move your big pieces of furniture.

On the Day of an Installation: Our installation team will arrive around 8:30 to 10 am and get started. The day begins by moving furniture, then tearing out existing flooring, getting rid of pad, prepping floor as needed, laying the new pad, starting installing carpet, and hopefully by the end of the day depending on the size of the job, your house will be all put back together. You have fresh new carpet on the floor! A single room can be done in an hour, depending on the scope of the job!