Hardwood Showroom


The Real Feel and Look of Hardwood

Benefits of Hardwood

Hardwood has two main types:
1. Solid ¾ Inch hardwood: A solid hunk of word that is manufactured into a flooring product
2. Engineered Wood: Has a layer of real wood on top and ply underneath. This can be glued on a slab or in a basement where a solid can only be put on typically a main level or upstairs.

Engineered Wood vs Laminates: Laminate is a totally synthetic product; you get no real wood at the top layer like you do with an engineered wood. Laminate is durable if you get a good one.

Care & Maintenance of Hardwood

Clean your hardwoods with the proper cleaning products. Do not use water or oil based products. We sell Bruce cleaner.

Installation of Hardwood

Hardwood Installations are typically more involved and takes more time than carpet, because you are putting down small pieces instead of rolling out whole rooms. Many hardwood installations involve tearing out old hardwood, which can be pretty involved if the wood is glued down. There are a lot more variables. The installation process usually takes a little longer.

Hardwood Showroom

See Alpha Rug Expo's Hardwood Showroom Gallery.

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