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Alpha Custom Rug Expo Details: We have a full service custom rug shop in our warehouse;
we can do anything from simple binding of carpet into runs or stairs, all the way up to custom
inlays and logos. We can turn any carpet in the store into any type of custom rug!
  • The Alpha Team

    Who will be helping you? Get to know our expert team! Each of us have been working in the flooring industry for at least 15 years! Meet co-owners Gary and Debbie, Daniel, and Edwin!
  • Community Involvement

    We love our community. We donate rugs to raffles for different silent auctions, as well as support South and Central High Schools’ softball team signs. We don’t advertise, so word-of-month is an important part of our business — people telling people.
  • Visit Our Showroom

    We are in the Midway Area — just north of Alpharetta and just south of Cumming — on the corner of Highway 9 and Mullinax Road. Most people take 400 to get to us at Exit 12B, which loops back to Highway 9.
Get To Know Alpha Rug Expo:
Alpha Rug Expo is the only true rug store around. We have around a thousand rugs hanging here with various sizes, and the ability to order the size you need. The next nearest rug store is an outlet at least 20 miles away! We have everything from wools, hand-made, synthetics, and anything else you could want.

The strongest aspect of our business is our service. We have a great selection of products, but a lot of stores have product. Our service continues from the start of the sale to the end of the installation and then years beyond that. You do not get that other places.

We are fully invested in our work. We all care about how the job turns out, and that our customers are happy with what they get. We’re not trying to just sell something and then never see you again. We want to see you back here and want you to tell your neighbor we did a good job. The amount of business we do speak to our service.

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