Nylon vs. Polyester: What's the Difference?

So you are in the market for a new carpet for your next floor covering. As you research, you'll undoubtedly come across two fibers, nylon, and polyester. These are two of the most common fibers used in carpets today. A common question that we get at Alpha Rug Expo is: What’s the difference between the two? Let’s answer that today. We are going to focus on the primary factors in choosing a carpet.

High quality

Do you have high-traffic areas in your home? Then nylon is appropriate for those areas. It can resist heavy furniture and matting because it springs back into place once the furniture is moved. Nylon is typically used in dining rooms and living rooms. Polyester is another high-quality fiber that is used in bedrooms because of its vibrant colors.

Resistance to stains

Polyester is a hydrophobic fiber. It naturally resists stains, whereas nylon has to be treated in the factory with stain-resistant chemicals. If you spill wine on untreated nylon, it will soak it up. But it will not be absorbed by the polyester.

Resistance to crushing

In this area, nylon is the better of the two. Nylon is more resilient and will spring back into place if walked on. So it is appropriate for high traffic areas. As we said earlier, if you move heavy furniture or electronics off nylon, it will spring back into place quickly. Polyester is a softer material and less resilient than nylon. It is better off in bedrooms, where there is less traffic.

Resistance to fading

Polyester has a brilliance to it that nylon can't match. It has more colors than nylon, generally a matte color, in browns and tans and grays. Both are resistant to fading, but manufacturers warn against putting a carpet in direct sunlight. So use an area rug if you can to protect your carpet’s colors.

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