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Allowing carpet to transform your home

Nothing says “home” quite like elegant wall to wall carpet. It’s soft, it’s inviting, it seems to stay in style, and works to match a wide variety of interior decorating trends. In fact, some homeowners choose carpet as the ultimate companion element to an already amazing design scheme. Others just fall in love with the underfoot feel of the amazing fibers and from there, learn to fall in love with its many benefits as well. What might you be missing by overlooking this floor covering? Read on to find out.

At Alpha Rug Expo, our 20 years of experience in flooring not only helps us, but it probably helps you more. If you have questions or concerns about reflooring your home, all you’ll need to do is stop into our Alpharetta, GA showroom to speak with a flooring specialist at your convenience. We believe in outstanding customer service, personalized to your specific needs, and ongoing support for the future as well. From product selection, to installation, to regular professional cleanings, we are truly here for you.

Getting to know carpet

The most important thing you’ll learn about carpet is that there are many different fibers that make up the brunt of the flooring. Each fiber has its own set of characteristics, and each fiber serves a specific purpose. For instance, nylon and polyester are excellent in active homes where durability is a factor. Other fibers, likewise, have both strengths and weaknesses, and one is going to better for your own specific needs and desires than all the rest.

Benefits are bountiful when it comes to carpet. It can be an excellent extra layer of insulation, allowing your home to retain heat in the colder months. With a furnace that runs less often, you’ll notice this benefit in energy savings at the end of the season. It also provides noise reduction, which can be a major benefit for busy homes. This is especially noticeable between floors.
Luxurious carpet in Alpharetta, GA from Alpha Rug Expo
Another very important part of choosing carpet is choosing a professional installation. While there are a wealth of “tutorials” on the proper techniques in DIY installation of this material, there are few that can give you the experience that is necessary for a successful installation. Additionally, there are several specific tools needed to do the job right. Without them, you could experience problems such as bunching carpet, bald spots, or seams that separate.

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