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Hardwood floors offer stability and more

What are you looking for in hardwood flooring? If you’re like many other homeowners, you expect durability, functionality, and a great life span. Of course, all those things come standard with this floor covering, and you’ll find them to be incredibly beneficial no matter what type of home you are flooring. There are far more benefits, however, in store for you once you get more familiar with this material. And what better way to get familiar with it than to come in and speak with an experienced flooring specialist.

Alpha Rug Expo has more than 20 years of experience in the flooring industry. In that time, we have come to believe that dedication to complete customer satisfaction is as important as offering all the right flooring materials. If our customers are not satisfied, we are not satisfied, and we will work above and beyond the call to make sure you leave with exactly what you want and need. To find out exactly how we can be of service to you, please visit our Alpharetta, GA showroom today. We look forward to assisting you any way we can.

Getting to know hardwood

It’s important to know some facts before preparing for your hardwood flooring installation. The first is, of course, make sure you use a professional service for that installation. Your flooring specialist can discuss all the details, but you will actually save a lot of money this way. Unless a homeowner has been in flooring installation before, and has all the necessary tools and experience, there’s no reason to try a DIY install.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Milton, GA from Alpha Rug Expo
Another important factor in this material is that it cannot be installed in basements or other rooms that are situated below grade. It reacts to moisture, humidity, and changes in temperature, and will leave you searching for replacement flooring far earlier than you ever thought you would have to. For spaces where solid wood won’t work, be sure to consider engineered flooring. It’s still real hardwood flooring, layered between a sturdy backing material and a protective wear layer, but it does not react in the same way the solid version does. You can even have it refinished a time or two before replacing it.

Be sure to talk with your flooring professional about proper species choice as well. Rated from very soft to very hard, you’ll need one that fits your own particular activity level in your home. This is one way your floors can reach their intended life span.

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