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Variety and details in luxury vinyl flooring

In luxury vinyl flooring, you will find plenty of reasons to have it installed in your home. Many are amazed by its ability to mimic real solid hardwood flooring and other natural materials, while some appreciate the fact that you can choose a 100% waterproof option. In the meantime, you have durability you can count on, and functionality that makes it perfect for any home, big or small, busy or not. To sort through all the facts, you can continue reading and consider stopping by to speak with a flooring professional.

At Alpha Rug Expo, you’ll get home style service right away, but you’ll also get affordable pricing and a wide variety of flooring options like you might expect from a big box store. Our 20 years of experience gives us the opportunity to serve you with assurance, allowing you to trust the information you get. In fact, we invite you to visit us soon at our showroom in Alpharetta, GA. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and we’ll see to it that you leave well satisfied with your choices.

Make room for luxury vinyl

Both luxury vinyl planks and tiles are available for installation in your home. Planks are most often chosen for their amazing wood look, right down to species, stain color, and finish type. They come in sizes that are easy to install and manipulate, so ease of installation is assured. In the tile variety, you can choose the look of natural stone or ceramic and porcelain tile, right down to the realistic grout lines.

No matter what you choose, design possibilities are nearly endless. This means that matching your existing decor will be an easy feat, and we can help you match walls, furniture, and decor elements alike. From bathrooms, to bedrooms, you can achieve a continuity throughout your home that will be absolutely stunning.
Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring in Atlanta, GA from Alpha Rug Expo
With waterproof luxury vinyl flooring, and it’s 100% vinyl core, you’ll be able to experience a peace of mind like never before. Up to and including flood conditions will be no match for this flooring, as it can simply be dried and installed all over again. That leaves literally no water emergency to give you anxiety while you’re away from home, whether for business or pleasure.

It’s also easy to install and easier still to keep clean. Even without the waterproof option, a simple sweeping, followed by a mop dampened with warm water, will be all it takes to keep your floors looking brand new.

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